MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 21(of 23), also: a Go! Go! update, The Pentel Pocket Brush and Avaturd

    Like most cartoonists, my family (wife, kids, parents, etc) don’t really understand my obsession with creating comics, and for the most part don’t really read them much either.  Whatever.  I don’t do this to please them–I do it to please the three-toed gremlin who lives in my right hand and causes pains if I don’t draw for more than two days.  But a print copy of this issue got left lying around a couple months ago and one the kids read it.   Flemings whole nagging to get to Pawn America just killed her.  She was laughing about it for days, and chuckles every time we drive my on now.  So I guess what I’m saying is I’m rebranding my comics and aiming for my target demographic–11 years olds who love Pawn America.  Hells ya!

   Update:  Yesterday I mentioned GO! GO! ILLUSTRATION, and how they do daily sketches that they sell.  I also mentioned that if Jerzy Drozd did a “Tri-Klops” in his “He-Man” series I’d buy it.  Well…

   Best nine bucks I ever spent. 

   Also:  Beloved local art store WET PAINT (and it can be your favorite too since its online as well) has started asking its patrons to pimp out their favorite tools on their blog.  So STEVEN STWALLEY–the Cartoonist Conspiracy poobah and sometimes Staplegenius collaborator–has stepped up to the plate and proclaimed the Conspiracys collective love for the PENTEL POCKET BRUSH.  Simply put: the Pentel Pocket Brush is my favorite drawing tool and has forever changed the way in which I draw, and I highly recommend EVERY cartoonist have one  (or three) in their arsenal.   My favorite part of all this is the ad for the Pocket Brush some of we Conspirators did a few years back for Wet Paint.  It features such Conspiracy luminaries as: Steve, myself, ZANDER CANNON, the much missed ERIC LAPPEGARD and…is that Sean Tenhoff??? 

  Finally….yep.  Avatar.  I really enjoy the podcast WTF with MARC MARON, and for the last few weeks he has been espousing the theory that maybe if people gave a shit about things that REALLY matter, instead of being complacent and supporting quarter billion-dollar jerk-off fests like AVATAR, that maybe–just MAYBE–we’d have socialized medicine.  Now, I really enjoyed my nigh-on three hours of complacency I had during Avatar, but I have to agree.  And frankly, I’d much rather give back that time and money and have socialized medicine.

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