MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 20(of 23), also: Britt Hammerberg dares you to wish her failure, and “Sorry that didn’t work out for you, Hasslehoff.”

   In case this thought ever crossed your mind while reading this tale–“Hey Danno, how come this 24 Hour Comic is only 23 pages?!”–then I have the answer for you today.  See, one of the TECHNICAL rules of a 24 Hour Comic is that you can count the cover as one of the 24.  So for this issue I originally did a cover that was just a close up of the Atlantis Lad gravestone you see on this page.  I had drawn and inked it last after doing everything else, and I was never too pleased with it.  So when I made this story a part of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0 I ditched the cover with plans that it never be seen again.  And it never will…

    Also:  Conspirator drawing buddy BRITT HAMMERBERG has launched a new project called SLOTH FIGHT, wherein Britt will do one painting a day (starting from January 1st, 2010) and go until…well, whenever she stops.  In addition to doing one lovely painting a day, she also has the awesome bonus feature of being able to bet on which day she quits with this madness.  Frankly I hope this fight goes on for months…possibly years…and she fills a whole gallery with’em one day (or sells’em all.  Evidently she’s going to price them each at $5!  I told you it was madness.  I’ve already picked out the FIRST one I want). Either way I wish her strength.  ‘BREAK A WRIST!” as they used to say in the old Marvel Bullpen.

….ok…they didn’t say that for real as far as I know.   But they should have.  All cartoonists should say ‘Break a wrist” when they hear another cartoonist is embarking on a new project.  For example:  May I say “BREAK A WRIST” to the guys and gal over at GO! GO! ILLUSTRATION  who also recently started doing a pretty sweet daily sketch blog of their own.    They also sell each days sketch (for very reasonable rates).   My favorite thing about it so far is that MARK RUDOLPH is doing “NEW GODS” sketches and JERZY DROZD is doing “HE-MAN” characters.  And as soon as “BLACK RACER” and “TRI-CLOPS” go up–I’m buying them!  And to be fair…KEVIN CROSS is doing some bad-ass Muppets there, too.

   Finally: Today’s Daily Goal Sketch is of Nick Fury.  I was never too keen on Sgt. Fury until Zander convinced me to read the ULTIMATES.  Maybe it was the cheese factor of having him look like Sam Jackson in the comic, or maybe it was the intensity that image can bring across in knowing the actor, but I had an all new respect for Fury.  Yet for some reason seeing it in the actual flesh…it’s just not doing it for me.  Maybe IRON MAN 2 will turn that opinion around for me, but I didn’t much care for the first one, so we’ll see….we’ll see….


1 Response to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 20(of 23), also: Britt Hammerberg dares you to wish her failure, and “Sorry that didn’t work out for you, Hasslehoff.””

  1. 01/27/2010 at 13:16

    Thanks for the plug, even if you are wishing physical harm on me! Also, I’ll bring the Marbas painting to next week’s Conspiracy jam, ’cause I swear I’m coming next month, for reals.

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