MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 18(of 23), also: Eddie Brock goes ‘Poof!’

   Here we go with the final week of the 2007 24 Hour Comic I did that I first appeared in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0…

   This is the first time I ever even hinted at the idea that Fleming has some kind of sexual past.  I guess I don’t think about it much.  He seems like with his adventuring lifestyle he should have a James Kirk ‘devil-may-care attitude’ when it comes to the ladies, but he really doesn’t.  I guess in my mind he’s always been a shy, weird-o loser, possibly only attracting shy, weird-o losers.  Brian Bastain would a few months later set the groundwork to upgrade Fleming into becoming  the obsessive, stalker weird-o type instead (in the crossover special that starts posting here in a couple weeks).  I think that fits him like a glove.

     Also:  Today’s Daily Goal Sketch is of “Venom”.  I liked Venom for about eight seconds back in 1990 or so when I was young and stupid, but he got real old, real fast.  By the time I was working in a comic store called SHINDERS (go to minute 6:56 for more on that) Venom was HUGE, and I couldn’t have hated a character more.  Anti-heroes were comics bread and butter then, and Venom was the king of shit mountain.  This was back when SpiderMan was a clone, and Carnage was Maximum (more on him tomorrow).  Marvel was pandering its brains out to brain-dead speculators, and the classless, inelegant style of product coming out then was sickening.  It was a dark time then…unlike now…when the nights are darkest.  Anyway, I think SAM RAIMI felt the same way when forced to put Venom in the already flimsy and god-awful SPIDER-MAN 3–as best seen when he had Eddie Brock go “POOF!”    The. End.

   Oh well…he was still fun to draw.


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