MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #0–pg 11/12(of 23), also: a pin-up chic

     Ahh yes..my favorite ‘cheat’ while doing a 24 hour comic–making the center pages into a double-page spread.  This one was especially fun building up to while ‘writing’ the story on the spot.  You hope when you get to this point you’ll have something worthy of a two-pager.  I think the randomly chosen Atlantis Lad-death word ‘New York City’ fits that bill.  My favorite part is the cymbal.  I was really into the stuff SEAN TENHOFF was doing on his BEANMEN web comic at the time, and felt its influence when I did that panel.

   The Daily Goal Sketch WILL return–TOMORROW in fact!  But before then, a sketch I did in honor of the wonderful BUZZ POP comics by MATT CHICOREL  that I had just read.  They are fun stuff, and you should go buy some today!   Also, someone over at Marvel should give Matt one of the dozens of SPIDER-MAN titles to play with.  That would be awesome.  I haven’t read SPIDER-MAN regularly in years, but I’d buy that.  Poly-bagged.  With trading cards and variant covers.

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