STAPLEGENIUS #2 cover--by me. Drawn at the then-all new 'Jitters' bar/nightclub, where Pat worked. He still does work there, in fact. Now he runs the dump.

    Welcome back, fans of self-congratulations!   Today we’re going to discuss STAPLEGENIUS #2.  Put out around March/April if 2000, STAPLEGENIUS #2 did what only a second issue could do after the first was made with such energy, excitement, and in-group fanfare–#2 went right into the shitter. 

    See between #1 and #2, the majority of the friend group got evicted from their home at 1902 University Ave NE including Nels and Matt–Pat and I lived together a few blocks away at the corner of 14th and University.  This eviction was NOT their fault.  The new building owner wanted to put in a restaurant downstairs–and move in his friends upstairs.  Anyway… 

    So in part to this scattering, Pat’s new job,  Matt and Nels band (END TRANSMISSION) experiencing growing success, and my own personal laziness STAPLEGENIUS #2 wasn’t nearly as personally gratifying to put together as #1.  Sure, we had some fun new material(or was it stuff I just didn’t fit into #1.  Don’t remember exactly), but the MAJORITY of the issue was made up of filler.  And it was the WORST kind of filler possible–comics I had made when I was in junior high!  Anyway, lets look at some highlights of the issue… 



   As you can see, Pat’s fascination with the male wang continued unfettered. 



   Matt continued to make us all believe one day these drawings, along with his rantings in his many notebooks, would be used as evidence. 



   Oh yeah!  END TRANSMISSION drummer BOBBY DRAKE did a doodle for #2.  It’s mostly an inside joke based on an old Clint Eastwood poster that was up at 1902 University, but Bobby was funny as hell and I was honored to include this.  Bobby, by the way, is now the drummer for a little band you may have heard of called THE HOLD STEADY



   Nels’ great gag strips continued, as his obsession with drawing cats grew and grew.  For example… 



    Even as I was photocopying/reducing old junior high comics for print in #2 I knew it was a BAAAAAAAAD idea, so I won’t bother scanning and posting any of there here.  I WILL however post this: 


    This cover to 14 YEAR OLD GENETICALLY ALTERED SLUGS was drawn in the early 1990’s by once and future collaborator DAN MURPHY.   Wow, this issue was full of talented bastards who’d probably prefer I left them out of this retrospecticus. 


    My contribution to this issue (in addition to a few gag panels) was a short based on MATT’s (and many of my friends) perpetual unemployment at that time in their lives.  It’s topped off by a gag by NELS that more or less is the closing argument on how Matt felt about his place in life at the time.  Enjoy! 




    So that was STAPLEGENIUS #2.  Kind of a downer all around.  But I had made a promise to myself, and I wasn’t about to give up.  Luckily, things quickly changed for all of us and our living situations, making way for STAPLEGENIUS #3.  But that story will have to wait until next time…


  1. 01/02/2010 at 13:28

    I’m lovin this retrospecticus! I want to see MORE!!

  2. 01/02/2010 at 17:23

    Thanks Bud! More Retrospecticus’ you WILL see. I guess I haven’t been 100% clear, but my *plan* is to post a Retrospecticus every Saturday of books I’ve done pre-MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE. So look for issue 3 next weekend (and you, Bud, will especially like issue 4 in two weeks).

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