Holiday Greetings…kinda…from MAXEEM

   Yesterday (Dec 24th–aka: Usurped Pagan Holiday Eve) I got an most unexpected, but utterly delightful, holiday greeting letter (of a sort) from world traveler, MPLS Conspiracy alumni, and all-around swell cartoonist MAXEEM KONRARDY. **   It filled me with so much…ummm…not holiday spirit…umm…basically it made me happy to hear from an old friend.  So here it.  So hope to see you soon Maxeem, and also hope your Usurped Pagan Holiday is going well, dear friends everywhere.


** Maxeem is currently in a “race” with fellow cartoonist buddy ZANDER CANNON to see who can finish their long-in-gestating epic first.  Maxeem is doing on EX NOVO LIBRIS and Zander is doing THE REPLACEMENT GOD.  You can see the results at http://comiclusion.blogspot.com . Smart money is on Maxeem, but never count a Cannon Brother out before the count.  Either way, I think the READER is the real winner.

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