MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4–by Brian Bastian and myself–pg 19(of 24)

Issue 4 of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE was drawn by myself, but written by BRIAN BASTIAN (whose characters from his book TOMMY CHICAGO are guest starring).  Now our thoughts on this page:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  It’s not the “Eye of Horus”, it’s the “Eye of Horrace”!  Get it?  All those panels with Horrace sitting in the background finally paid off. I never really got a good sense of how people felt about the joke, but it was one of the first things I came up with when outlining this story, and I’ll stand by it until the day I die.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  At least your joke with Horrace is obvious.  When I designed Horrace I decided to put a sports team logo on his t-shirt.  ‘TOMMY CHICAGO’ takes place in CHILITOWN, so I decided to go with a home team.   To my knowledge there has never been a sports team mentioned in the first series of TOMMY CHICAGO, so I made one up.  Of course, a character model sheet is one thing, but a character actually interacting in the panels of a comic is another.  So while you can see Horrace is wearing a shirt that says SOMETHING, its always obscured, and the joke is totally lost to anyone but me.  But here is what you SHOULD have been rolling around on the floor gasping for air over:  “CHILITOWN BATCORKERS”. 
BASTIAN:  I’m pretty sure that “Holy Zhivago” was your addition, I wasn’t hip to the catch phrases yet, but they really add a nice flavor to the guy.
KLONOWSKI:  HA!  That’s the one other thing I wanted to mention from this page.  Fittingly enough (given todays date), one Xmas about a decade ago I was at my Grandmas, and instead of my paternal extended family watching more football (*bleck!*) or actually interacting, my grandma threw “DR ZHIVAGO”.  I had never seen it before and really had no interest, but 4 hours later when it ended I was a blubbering mess.  Then a few years ago one of the disabled adults I was working with was so shocked by something he blurted out “HOLY ZHIVAGO!”  I always assumed this was some 1960’s catchphrase that had been lost to time, but that he alone had locked away in his mind when he was a kid.  Or not.  Maybe I was just hearing things, cause he never repeated it again in the 2 years I knew him(and he was a pretty excitable guy).  Either way, I thought it was one of the funniest damn expressions I’d ever heard.  So when I created Fleming months later I knew it just HAD to be one of his catchphrases.  If I can be remembered for anything one day, I hope its for finally popularizing and giving “HOLY ZHIVAGO”  the respect and mass-appeal it deserves. 

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