MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4–by Brian Bastian and myself–pg 16(of 24), also: The Mighty Thor

Issue 4 of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE was drawn by myself, but written by BRIAN BASTIAN (whose characters from his book TOMMY CHICAGO are guest starring).  Now our thoughts on this page:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  Ah, Banter! 

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  Its some of what you do best!

BASTIAN:  I’m not really sure if not moving would slow the effects of poison or not. That seems like something I would have heard from watching a National Geographic special or something, but still I’d encourage anyone who contracts mustache poisoning to seek immediate medical attention.

KLONOWSKI:  Or if you’ve just played tonsil hockey with someone who has a MR. YUCK tattoo on their face.  Or anyone with a tattoo on their face in general. 
BASTIAN:  I think that last panel is the most enthusiastic Tommy Chicago had ever been about anything up to this point. The panel crackles with the promise of hot detecting action to come. So you just know it’s going to lead to disappointment.
KLONOWSKI:  I don’t I can use the phrase “SPOILER ALERT” enough with this commentary.  I’m actually a pretty big fan of panel 8.  I remember finally feeling like I really “got” TC when I inked that one.  Also, I think panel 6/7 are the first time I ever drew TC in a “side-scrolling”.  Possibly the first time he’s EVER been drawn that way.  This was back when I was trying to figure out new ways to draw TC.  I eventually gave up on that.
   Ah, Banter.  Anyway, onto the Daily Goal Sketch…
     First off, this is probably the best Daily Goal Sketch yet.  Yay me. (Anyone up for disputing this?)   Second, I was SO SO SO SO SO SO relieved when my guy asked for Thor that he explained he wanted the “Ultimate” Thor who, as anyone with half a brain will tell you, is the BEST Thor and the only one worthy of being printed on paper.  My guy knew of him from the ULTIMATE video games, and not the filth and violence laden ULTIMATES comic from which the game is based.  The ULTIMATES comic is, while we’re on this tangent, the only Avengers story worthy of being printed on paper.   (Now who is up for disputing?)

2 Responses to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4–by Brian Bastian and myself–pg 16(of 24), also: The Mighty Thor”

  1. 12/21/2009 at 14:22

    Agreed, that is a damn fine Thor.

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