MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4–by Brian Bastian and myself–pg 10(of 24), also: a make-shift art show, a Steinlicht signing, and Daredevil

Issue 4 of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE was drawn by myself, but written by BRIAN BASTIAN (whose characters from his book TOMMY CHICAGO are guest starring).  Now our thoughts on this page:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  It gets a little lost in the flow the conversations take, and I don’t follow up on it later, but Britishworth was the one behind luring Fleming Hazmat to the restaurant.  The idea was supposed to be that he got him there so it would be easier for the Ugly Rose to kill him. That’s why once Fleming shows up Britishworth doesn’t attack him, he’s just waiting for the Rose to do something to complete their agreement. It’s just one of many things I should have explained better.

 DANNO KLONOWSKI:  WOW!  I didn’t even know that….well, maybe I did but forgot.  Let’s just say I didn’t ever know it and leave the above paragraph as “AN EXCLUSIVE!!!”.

BASTIAN:  And in case the reader didn’t get the subtle hint about the new Atlantis Lad on page 8, it gets driven home here.

 KLONOWSKI:  Which is probably for the best.  Given that at least one or two people who read TOMMY CHICAGO in the past might now pick this issue up to be ‘completists’, it’s probably best some sort of character establishment is there.  So, kudos.

BASTIAN:  Upon rereading the issue I do like how Fleming drops in and you half expect his quest to become the main focus of the story, and his confusion when we keep going with the prior plot was a point where I really started to get a handle on his character.

KLONOWSKI:  I think it’s almost shameful on part how similar Fleming and Tommy Chicago are as characters.  I guess thats why I trusted you implicitly to write this.  Then again I think we’re both just ripping-off the BART/LISA/MAGGIE style of storytelling and character.  Oh for an original thought in my head…

   Ok…so lots going on this Saturday.  First up, friend of the blog DAVID STEINLICHT is having a book signing for his recently released collection CORNERED at BIG BRAIN COMICS.  It runs from 4-6 (or to put it another way, it starts right after the OPEN STUDIO Conspiracy meeting ends).    But what to do in those hours before the signing (if you aren’t at the Open Studio, that is)?  Well, you should head on over to the EASTSIDE FOOD CO-OP in Northeast Minneapolis for their 6th Anniversary Party.  In addition to free samples and all-natural foodstuffs, there is also some art up by just a few of the many Northeast Minneapolis cartoonists, including myself, DAVID AND MARY SANDBERG, LUPI McGINTY, DANIEL J OLSON, and the Conspiracy poobah himself STEVEN STWALLEY.  This show came about because of my 24 Hour Comic from this year, and the LION KING “Circle of Life” song can be cued up any second now…

     Hey, my client is back.  He was so impressed with todays drawing I caught him having it battle his water bottle.

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