MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #4–by Brian Bastian and myself–pg 9(of 24), also: a crafty reversal of fortune

Issue 4 of MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE was drawn by myself, but written by BRIAN BASTIAN (whose characters from his book TOMMY CHICAGO are guest starring).  Now our thoughts on this page:

BRIAN BASTIAN:  Again, I thought Betsy Rossbot was an actual robot, and the dialogue comes very close to reflecting this.

 DANNO KLONOWSKI:  Yeah, I remember the first time you sent me some pages of script it was all “Yes, Sir.” and “Does not compute” with Betsy.  I remember you revised it some, but I think I may have even been slighlty altering dialogue as late as the lettering stage to make her seem less robotic.

BASTIAN:  Because you had not intended on using Britishworth anymore, I thought it would be great if Fleming had no real knowledge of him either, plus it plays up his personality too.

 KLONOWSKI:  Yeah, those panels are some great character short-hand.  Well played.

BASTIAN:  I guess the Eye of Horus is a real thing, thanks Wikipedia. I’m sure I’d heard of it somewhere, but I did absolutely no research on it. It was important that Fleming knew as little about it as possible, so I made sure I did as well. After reading up on it, I probably would have cluttered the story up with lots more pointless information.

 KLONOWSKI:  I’ve heard it mentioned in the time since we did this issue, but knew nothing of it before-hand.  It sounds real enough.

BASTIAN:  I really like the panel of TC eating his chili and ignoring everything that’s going on. Wait, isn’t that the chili that Britishworth just had his face in? Hmmm, I wonder if that’s going to mean anything?

    Once again my client was sick yesterday which leaves us with no Daily Goal Sketch….or so you’d think!!!   So instead of me doing a drawing of a superhero for him, here’s a drawing he did a few weeks ago of me.  Enjoy!



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