“UPTOWN GIRL CROSSOVER”–pg 9(of 11), also: Catwoman

    The UPTOWN GIRL CROSSOVER nears its conclusion with a loving tribute to the JOHN MADDEN series of videogames.  Anyone who knows me know I despise organized sports in all of it’s forms.  One notable exception is the John Madden games.  I don’t play it regularly or anything, but back in 2001 the PLAYSTATION 2 debuted and my buddy/roommate DAN “THE DON” ADAMS bought the PS2 and the Madden game.  I was all “BAH!” and “NO THANKS!” attitude with Madden at first.  Within a week Don, myself, our roomates Pat and Nels, and our buddy Matt were in a season-long head-to-head battle.  We did maybe 4 or 5 seasons total over the next few months and I won 2 of them!  WOOT!   So, even though I could care less that these digital footballer avatars were based on actual humans who are over-payed and unrightly taxpayer endorsed while thousands starve to death,  MADDEN will always have a special place in my heart and thumbs.

   Also, here’s the Daily Goal Sketch (with some thoughts afterwards):  CATWOMAN!

    If I had my druthers, this is NOT the Catwoman I would have drawn.  In fact my client had pre-selected Catwoman days ago (just as he has all his sketches planned thru next Friday), and I had been thinking about WHICH Catwoman I was going to do(there are so many costumes to choose from, ya know).  And then today he dropped the bomb: “CATWOMAN WEARS GOGGLES” he said.  I was blown away!  He knew about the the ultra-cool DARWYN COOKE/ED BRUBAKER Catwoman—sweet!  But after discussing it a bit more I soon realized the Catwoman with goggles he was thinking of was not the same one I was thinking of.  He was thinking of the one from the cartoon THE BATMAN, which I have never seen.  But I wanted to make him happy so I drew the one he liked best.  And I like how it turned out, but it’s not the one I would have chosen.  Cause for me there is only ONE Catwoman….OLD Catwoman!

photo: by Marypants


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