“UPTOWN GIRL CROSSOVER”–pg 8(of 11), also: “Continuity Guy” and posion ivy

     This was the definative “RED-FLAG” page for “Uptown Girl” creator BOB LIPSKI, and probably the reason it never saw print within the pages of an UPTOWN GIRL book.    In my own defense, nowhere on this page or anywhere in this story do I come right and SAY that Party Girl and Bitterness are having sex in the closet.  It’s implied…maybe.  But the way I see it:  Party Girl likes to party.  However far one cares to take that statement is up to the individual reader.

   Speaking of the individual reader, you are an individual and you should go read the newest page of CONTINUITY GUY–the ongoing graphic novella by BUD BURGY and myself.  Here’s the spiff new logo Bud made for it.

   Lastly…here’s todays Daily Goal Sketch…and our first lady:  Poison Ivy!


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