“UPTOWN GIRL” crossover–pg 7(of 11), also: The Vulture

    Oh Spin-The-Bottle…That most cherished of pre-to-early teen games.  I sadly never got around to playing it until, like Mullet Clown says, I was probably way to old to be playing it.   Not 25 years too old, but older than I should have been, none the less.  But what happens in the mid-90’s stays in the mid-90’s.  Anyway, I should point out this was also a questionable scene in the UPTOWN GIRL morality.  Nothing too terrible, mind you…but that can wait until tomorrow.

    Also, here’s last Friday’s Daily Goal Sketch, that rounds out the (almost entirely) Spider-Man villan week.  THE VULTURE!

   My client who earns these drawings and picks the character had the wonderful insight regarding the Vulture of: 

   “Isn’t he a little old to be a villan?”

   I thought this was genius.  It’s something that always bothered me about him as well.  Later, I realized he probably just lifted this line from one of the many Spider-Man cartoon series’ he has seen.  But still…funny!


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