“UPTOWN GIRL” crossover–pg 6(of 11), also: The Shocker


   The UPTOWN GIRL crossover comes to its weekend cliffhanger:  Who will win the 2-LITRE COLA CHUG-A-LUG???  You’ll have to hold your breathe until Monday to find out.  I think you’ll survive.  Anyway…I really haven’t read this story since I did it almost 2 years ago, and I cannot believe how much explaination I gave to the “PARTY-OFF”.  Its seems like a pretty simple concept, I don’t think half of a panel of text was necessary.  But as I wrote the other day, I did all this at night while “watching” TV with my family.  I can certainly see here I was not 100% focused on writing when I did this page.  Ah well…Oh, I should point out the chug-a-lug was I think one of BOB LIPSKI’s points of “Queationable Material” in this story, and why it was never officially published as an UPTOWN GIRL tale.  I guess drinking to excess isn’t as kid-friendly as it used to be back in WC FIELDS day.   Lousy Democrats ruin everything fun.

    Also, our week of mostly Spider-Man foes chosen for the Daily Sketch Goal ends concludes with…Hey!  A Spider-Man foe!                      THE SHOCKER!!!

     I’ve never really know what to make of THE SHOCKER.  His powers were cool enough, I guess, but his costume always rubbed me wrong.  Maybe it has to do with my idea that any amount of yellow fishnet is too much yellow fishnet.  Also, I always confused him by name with Electro, who has a much better–albeit even more ridiculous–costume.


1 Response to ““UPTOWN GIRL” crossover–pg 6(of 11), also: The Shocker”

  1. 11/20/2009 at 10:20

    I always think of it more as a yellow quilt than fishnets. I think the bigger problem with Shocker is his lack of personality. He’s just a generic guy in a super suit. I actually like him a lot better in the new Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, where he has a southern accent and says things like, “DON’T YOU MOCK ME, BOY!” It helps set him apart from Electro.

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