“UPTOWN GIRL” crossover–pg 3(of 11), also: “Continuity Guy” and Two-Face


    The UPTOWN GIRL crossover continues:  Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present MULLET CLOWN.   In 2001, after about a year and a half after I started doing STAPLEGENIUS mini-comics made up mostly of one panel gags and short, unrelated tales I decided I needed a ‘cast’.  I was really into comics like HEY, MISTER and MINIMUM WAGE and ANGRY YOUTH COMIX at the time, and thought developing a cast to filter all my ideas through might be a worthwhile challenge.  Eventually a random sketch at work one night evolved into MULLET CLOWN, BITTERNESS THE WRESTLER, and LIEDERHOSEN PUNK.  Over the next few years a whole extended cast and universe was built around them progressivly through each new tale.  In fact, one of those characters was none other than CONTINUITY GUY–who as you may know I recently revisited in the shape of a graphic novella–drawn by Mr. BUD BURGY–which is a page closer to being done each week over at Bud’s site.  Check it out, there’s a new page up as we speak!  How’s that for a back-door promotion?!

   Speaking of back-door…here’s another Daily Sketch Goal (Ok, I don’t know how that would apply as ‘back-door’).   Today we have TWO-FACE!


2 Responses to ““UPTOWN GIRL” crossover–pg 3(of 11), also: “Continuity Guy” and Two-Face”

  1. 11/17/2009 at 21:09

    thankfully there are those like you, who have succeeded with a webcomic. There seems to be seem negative vibes from the general public, and fine artists. Which I find lame.

    Keep up your work!

    • 11/17/2009 at 21:31

      Thanks William!

      I have been a big fan of your Bearded Bunnies for years. You should come do jam comics with the Cartoonist Conspiracy at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe some time. Lots o’ successful webcartoonist there!

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