PLUNGER-MAN–by Ryan Dow and myself–pg 6(of 11)

pg 6

This story is written, pencilled and greytoned by RYAN DOW, and inked and lettered by myself.  It first appeared in MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS.   And now some thoughts on todays page…

RYAN DOW:  This page is so awesome.  I like how Danno made the main tentacles branch out into smaller tentacles.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  This page was fun to do, especially that last panel.  I know for sure you drew Jabbagazule as is (though I did add the lil’ tentacles as you point out–it made sense to me since his giant tentacles would have never fit in that toilet), but I think Jabba was just kinda standing in an empty field, so I got have fun destroying the house.

RD:  I also like how the sound effects turned out, considering how rarely Danno uses sound effects. 

DK:  Ryan is right, I do hate sound effects, but when Dow says jump, I say “What kind of word would the sound of jumping be?”.

RD:  I think this page also has some of the best gray tones I’ve ever done.

DK:  I think your greytones are all-around fabulous, and certainly a big influence on my greytoning of my MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE comic (which reminds me, I should really get around to greytoning issue 4 one of these days).

*** BTW: just cause you’re getting the PLUNGER-MAN milk for free, you should still totally buy the MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS cow.  It’s full of a ton of great stuff from some wonderful creators.  But…you don’t have to take my word for it.

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