PLUNGER-MAN–by Ryan Dow and myself–pg 2(of 11), also: I-CON, “CONTINUITY GUY”, and “PHIL THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM” is reviewed

pg 2

   This story is written, pencilled and greytoned by RYAN DOW, and inked and lettered by myself.  It first appeared in MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS.   And now some thoughts on todays page…

RYAN DOW:  The idea was that this preteen which couldn’t afford a proper cauldron so she used the family commode when her parents were out for the night.   Danno added the fishnet sleeves, which was a nice touch.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  I also added a few more candles.  Maybe the pentagram and bath towel as well…?

 RD:    “May this blood nourish you and strengthen you,” comes from a Lutheran prayer that comes after communion.  I tried to cram in as many religious phrases as possible because, well, it’s a story about an Elder God.

DK:  I grew up Lutheran as well.  I am now godless and Ryan is really into Buddha.  Maybe having us drink blood as kids wasn’t the best way to sell Martin Luther’s God.

   Also:  If you haven’t checked out “CONTINUITY GUY” yet (I’m looking in your direction, STEINLICHT!), now is a good time.  BUD is over halk-way done illustrating this graphic novella I wrote, and things are really getting interesting.  Bud has even been posting more than one page a week lately.  Check it out!

    Finally,  RYAN, DANIEL J OLSON, KEVIN CANNON and myself will be in ALTOONA, IOWA this Saturday (Nov. 7th) for the I-CON comic book convention (it runs 9am to 5pm).  One of the books you will be able to purchase at I-CON will be the all-new “PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM” I did with long-time collaborator DAN MURPHY.   “PHIL” was recently reviewed by TED ANDERSON over at the EXAMINER.  It’s not what I’d call a glowing review, but it doesn’t poo all over us either.  Basically, we’ve inspired ambivalence.  Anyway…


*** BTW: just cause you’re getting the PLUNGER-MAN milk for free, you should still totally buy the MUSCLES AND FRIGHTS cow.  It’s full of a ton of great stuff from some wonderful creators.  But…you don’t have to take my word for it.

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