SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 Hour Comic 2009–pg 5(of 24), also: INK PANTHERS, and FALLCON is tomorrow

pg 5

pg 5

   So, you’re “NOT” supposed to come into 24 Hour Comic Day without any preconceived ideas of what you are going to do.  To this I say: “POPPYCOCK!”  I know I can’t come into clean, and frankly in some ways I think thats kind of impossible.  Anyway, ever since I did the last SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE story (in MUSCLES AND FIGHTS 3) I knew I wanted to do another story with him and BAGBOY wher they meet up with a new character…the above BOXGIRL!  So that was one of the few ideas I came into this years 24 Hour Comic Day with.  Adding all the random idea generators and such certainly changed what I thought a BOXGIRL story would be like…but we still have several pages to see how that’ll all play out…

     ALSO:  Are you listening to the INK PANTHERS podcast by ALEX ROBINSON and MIKE DAWSON?  Well if you’re not you should be.  There.  I said it.  ….and I mean YOU TOO, Daniel J Olson!

   FINALLY: FALLCON starts tomorrow!!!  Stop by my booth and pick up the new comics I’ll have made myself or been a part of like:  TOMMY CHICAGO #3, PHIL THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM, FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY, MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE: THE GUEST ARTIST SPECTACULAR, and ZINE SUPREME.  If so, I’ll see you SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 10am to 5pm at the FAIRGROUNDS!!!


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