SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 hr comic 2009–pg 1(of 24)

pg 1

pg 1

    Ok…I’m still tired and really not ready for work, but here we go with the 24 Hour comic I did over the weekend (see all about our 24 Hour Comic Day event  HERE).  I started at 10am Saturday and finished about 8:30-45 on Sunday–the longest its ever taken me,  I think (I still need to do a cover for the print edition, but that is not part of the completed 24 pages).  The main characters–SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE and BAGBOY–are characters I used in the first three MUSLCES AND FIGHTS anthologies.  I felt there was always one more nugget of an idea/story for them, so decided to try it out here (we’ll get to what that is in a few pages).  So that was idea #1.  There are at least 2 other ideas–one being a random idea generator–that I incorporated when I started at 10, and I’ll get those tomorrow.

  Thanks again to all the local cartoonists who participated this year, it was a blast!  I’d say I’m going to rest up now, but theres still a lot to get done before THIS weekend– FALLCON!


1 Response to “SUPERMARKET VIGILANTE–24 hr comic 2009–pg 1(of 24)”

  1. 10/05/2009 at 07:53

    Ahhhh, the memories. Seems like just yesterday that we were making 24 hour comics…

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