PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 23/24 (of 26)

pgs 23/24

pgs 23/24

   I know some kind of discussion occured between STEVE and I about why these pages ended up the way they did.  In the printed version they come out together on an 8.5×11″ fold-out.  On all the other pages that fold like this, they are numbered as single pages (#’s 2,5,8,11,etc…) but for some reason I numbered this as two seperate pages.  I wanna say the issues original script was 24 pages and I realized we could stretch the page count to allow STEVE more room to add-in the awesome by using the inside back cover.  I also think this may have only been written as one page(23), but for some reason I thumbnailed it out I decided to draw it on two sepearte peices of 11×17″ paper when I drew it, instead of one (like #’s 2,5,8,11…).  This somehow abstractly turned into being named pages 23/24  in my mind.  I think I even tried to explain to STEVE why this was necessary.  He politely nodded and said “sure!”  But at this point in history, the WHY is lost on me.

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