pg 12

pg 12

    AHH!  Dear lord, HEADULON!  What has become of you!?!?

   This was fun to draw, but it took me several attempts to nail down the ever-evolving DR HEADULON.  Again, we refer to one of STEVE‘s original sketches…


As you can see from both this sketch and the one I posted yesterday (pg 11), STEVE had a  much different idea of how HEADULONs melon should look.  STEVE was going for a much more expanding brain kinda thing.  I did many sketches in an attempt to capture what STEVE was going for, but I just couldn’t nail it.  It just looked weird to me, and I wasn’t having any fun drawing it.  So I eventually hit upon the idea of just making his WHOLE head big.  I also think STEVE generally did a better job in designing the above look, but when I did some drawings of that I realized the massive scale of HEADULON would make ants of HIP-HOP and TEN-FIVE for the rest of the story, so I went on a smaller scale.  I also thought it would be fun to pay homage to DOC OCK with the tentacles.  Not that Kirby created Doc Ock or anything, I just figured all super-powered “Doctors” shopped at the same store.

  (And about the Doc Ock link–thats from a super cool website I just discovered called SPRINGFIELD PUNX, where a Canadian cartoonist named DEAN FRASER does wonderfully Springfield-ian versions of pop/nerd culture characters.  Check it out today, and go back often!)

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