pg 10

pg 10

    Well, that semi is a little better than yesterdays.  But looking at it you’d never suspect I spent time researching semis online, you’d think I just spent a lot of time looking at my M.A.S.K. RHINO , which in retrospect I wish I had.  On less personally degrading note, this page finally introduces us to the other two heroes of the book– HIP-HOP and TEN-FIVE !

    A couple ideas that STEVE and I wanted to use to pay tribute to Jack Kirby’s writing style was to 1) have character named and modeled on outdated “hip culture”, and 2) to have non-powered humans for HEADULON to bum around with.  Steve had done some character sketches for me to work off of (see DHARKSTAND on the pg 9 post, and the HEADULON sketches I’ll post as the story goes on), but with these two he left me free to do what I wished.   HIP-HOP looks exactly as I originally drew him, but TEN-FIVE took a few tries.  With TEN-FIVE I didn’t want to just do a straight up trucker, and I didn’t want to make him look super-powered, but I was obsessed at the time with the NEW GODS outfits and was missing we had no characters like them anywhere in the story.  So I tried to sneak the following past Steve…


    Steve didn’t like the “LIGHTRAY” look and said he hadn’t written Ten-Five as someone who would be down with roman numerals, so after a chat I agreed to go with the trucker look I had wished to avoid.  Ah well, it suits him.  (But I did sneak in the roman numerals on his truck trailer. Shhh! Don’t tell Steve!)


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