PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 9(of 26), also: “continuity guy” ker-splodes!!!

pg 9

pg 9

   Uggh.  Thats the worst semi ever.  Sorry.  Let me make up for it by posting STEVEN STWALLEY’s original character sketch he gave me for DHARKSTAND (the villian from pgs 3 to 6 of this very tale).


Speaking of space gods…  The latest page of the CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella is up, and things look pretty bad for our heroes.  CONTINUITY GUY written by me, drawn by BUD BURGY, and a fresh page is updated weekly.


3 Responses to “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 9(of 26), also: “continuity guy” ker-splodes!!!”

  1. 08/20/2009 at 01:14

    Hey Danno, just wanted to say I loved the PHENOMENAL TANGENTS minicomic! Just got it in the mail, and it totally reminded me why I love making minicomics! REALLY, Great format, loved the foldout pages and was amazed how “readable” it was! REAlly cool book Man! Just wanted to tell you how cool I think it is! Great Job, Man!

    Ted(from the minicomics dumptruck round 2)

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