pg 8

pg 8

    Ahh, the REPTIMAMMEL. 

    When STEVE wrote the REPTIMAMMEL all he had in mind was that he(she?) would just have a ton of nipples.  I found this hilarious, and then one day I had to actually come up with what REPTIMAMMEL would look like, and it was suddenly less funny.  So here is some first attempts…


    He’s sure come a long way.  Speaking of things coming a long way, I mentioned the other day STEVE had originally tried to write this comic in a thumbnail format before he switched to just a straight-up script.  And as I also mentioned, the last page of the thumbnails was a page 8 that was totally different the one we see above.  So lets look at the PHENOMENAL TANGENTS that could have been…


   BAZOOKA!  MONSTER GUY!   What the jeff was STEVE planning?  Perhaps he’ll comment above and enlighten us…


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