pg 5

pg 5

    Space Gods are so easy to fool.  It’s true!!!  Haven’t you read THE ETERNALS?–Idiots, all of them!

     This was actually one of my favorite pages to layout and illustrate, and leads us wonderfully into todays topic: LAYOUT!  Like I said, STEVE (STWALLEY, writer o’ PHENOMENAL TANGENTS) and I got together a week after the first “ROUND TWO” podcast of the MINI-COMICS DUMP TRUCK to go over the script and come up with layouts for the book.  I honestly don’t think we NEEDED to be together to do this–I could have done it on my own–but we had had such a great time hanging out the week before it was a fine excuse to do it again.

    The first big reveal of the night was that Steve had actually tried to write the script in a purely laid-out comic form (like he’s flippin’ KEITH GIFFEN or ZANDER CANNON or something), but he only managed to get to page 8 (and in fact the laid-out page 8 is TOTALLY different then the page 8 that ended up in the story. In three days when we get to page 8 I’ll post that original).  So, for fun here is Steve’s original script layout for page 5…


Well, as you can see, the final product turned out quite different.  And actually over the course of laying out the book together, these radical alterations of what Steve saw in his head when writing and what I saw in mine from reading the script were NOT all that different.  There were a few big changes (like this page) and a few pages we both had to mull over for a while before we found a good design (like page 4), but all in all we were in agreement and when all was said and done we had several previosly blank pages that now looked like this:


I then had to turn that mess into actual pencilled pages.   Oh the tedious fun of cartooning!


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