pg 4

pg 4


        This page was a pain in the butt during the thumbnail stage (more on that tomorrow), but it turned out great.  Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–bikes are hard to draw!  So as you can see, I gave up trying to do them right.


      I said yesterday that I hoped PHENOMENAL TANGENTS writer STEVEN STWALLEYwould throw-down with some insights, but between being a daddy to young’uns and having a home computer go BOOM, I think we’ll have to stick with my one-sided and fuzzy memories….

    After the first “ROUND TWO” podcast of the MINI-COMICS DUMP TRUCK, I worked out a schedule that would allow us to get the book done not only on time for the May 5th deadline–but AHEAD of time!  This of course blew up in our faces, but it started off quite promising.  Like I said, Steve and I met the day after the podcast to discuss ideas.  I then figured as long as we had the script done by the time of the next podcast in 12 days we’d be kicking butt–even if Steve didnt have it done until the 3rd podcast we’d still be done way ahead. 

    Steve got it to me three days later. 

    Characters we’re fully formed! The dialouge was 95% spot-on and only needed minor brush-ups (actually, I thought it was all perfect, Steve just wanted to tweek a few sentences.  I’d be at a loss to tell you which.)  The plot was classic Kirby madness and psuedo-science!  Steve had outdone himself, and in record time.   He’d even come up with the perfect title that summed up not only the book but Kirby’s writing style in general–PHENOMENAL TANGENTS!

    The only minor quibble we both had was with the ending.  In our “ideas to include” meeting I had wanted a character to randomly time travel in a play a sudden–but key–role.  What Steve had come up with for this was to (SPOILER WARNING:  I am about to NOT spoil anything :SPOILER WARNING ENDS)  have one of HEADULON’s old pals–CYBORG ABE LINCOLN–come in and save the day.  As funny as I thought the scene was, I had a feeling it might be a tad derivative, and I was right.  Steve was also not a fan of this ending, he had just wanted a way to work in my idea.  What Steve was gunning for was a way to loop the story on itself like an ourobous and have a reason for HEADULON to have to travel through the center of the sun and end up back on page one.  Unfortunately, he had packed the comic withso much goodness it was already slightly over 24 pages, and we both thought adding who knows how many more pages might just be overkill. Also, the story had been intended to feel like you had found it in a quarter bin and it was just one issue of a series that could possibly exist  (ergo it being numbered #23 on the cover), so making it completely loop on itself made it seem too stand-alone-ish. Eventually we came to a few decision which kind of incorporated what we both wanted, but created something new all-together. 

   With the new ending agreed upon, Steve took a few days to revise and do that almost unnecessary brushing-up.  We made plans to meet up again–one week to the day that we gotten together to brainstorm–to go over any final details and thumbnail out the tale.  And like I said in the first paragraph of this post (NOW who’s being the ourobous freak!), I’ll discuss that tomorrow…


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  1. 08/13/2009 at 08:50

    Dharkstand is, of course, nothing at all like Galactus, the eater of planets. Fortunately he is just standing on Europe and Asia, where the rest of our tale does not take place.

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