pg 3

pg 3


       Somewhere between GALACTUS and SUPREME NACHO(a villian from the comic TOMMY CHICAGOI draw for BRIAN BASTIAN) is DHARKSTAND!  He was a blast to draw, and like all new things/characters, it was fun learning all the neat details of DHARKSTAND–all of which were totally moot by the time I memorized them since  I will probably never draw him again.  Ah well.  Steve did a few rough drafts of characters, and I think DHARKSTAND was one of them.  Someone please remind me to post those when the story has reached it’s conclusion.


    As I mentioned yesterday, while both STEVEand I had contributed a few basic ideas to the story (“A giant head!” “Somebody randomly time travels!” “Totally out-of-date ‘modern’ references!”), Steve was going to be responsible for writing the whole thing.  I did however have a hand in “MAPPING” how the story was going to be written.  I had come up with a idea based on my love/hate of ridiculous gimmicks in superhero comics, specifically the GATEFOLD–which if you don’t know is where in a comic either the cover or a page within will look like a single image, but instead of being able to turn the page, the page itself is merely just folded and keeps going, and unfolding, and going, and unfolding, and going…

    So I started wondering–even as a joke, could the GATEFOLD be feasibly done within the context of a mini-comic?  Mini-comics are usually printed either at home on a printer or in a Kinkos on a photocopier, so that certainly limits your choices when it comes to trying something new.  But after a little thinking (and some gluing) I was able to come up with what I thought was a good idea…


As we can see, the cover to the printed version looks normal…


We open the comic up.  The inside cover…page one…nothing out of the ordinary here…


WAH!  As you can (kinda) see, as we turn to page 2 the cover is still sticking out on the left.  So to get to page 2, the page itself HAS NOT TURNED OVER.  It has merely OPENED UP to an image TWICE THE SIZE of page 1…


WAH AGAIN!  As you can once again (kinda) see, the cover is still sticking out to the left, only NOW it is just on the BOTTOM HALF of the entire page.  For page 3 has not appeared by turning, it has appeared by FOLDING UP–creating an image 4 TIMES THE SIZE of page 1!

   This pattern repeats through-out the book.  One normal sized page followed by one twice as long and completed with an 11″ x 17″ finale.  This pattern also required that every three pages(on the 11×17″ image) Steve had to come up with not only a giant splash page-worthy image, but also a new “Chapter” title (this was also done in homage to Jack Kirby the Writer, who would on some titles have a new chapter every 2 to 4 pages for no go reason….I’m looking in your direction, KAMANDI!).

    So thats the story of the layout and how it effected Steve’s writing.  Up next:  The amazing story of how Steve crafted the script….if he has the time to write that….if he doesn’t I’ll just make some stuff up.

    ALSO:   Page 10 (of 45) of the CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella is now up on BUD BURGY’s website.  Bud’s drawing it.  I wrote it.  It’s lots of fun.  Bud even posted a WHO’s WHO to the CONTINUITY GUY tale for those who are lost.  Great work, Bud!

2 Responses to “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 3(of 26), also: “CONTINUITY GUY””

  1. 08/13/2009 at 08:59

    I wasn’t initially convinced that the layout was a good idea… but it adds immensely when reading the story. I was thinking we would do two versions, a regular version and an insanely-elaborate-Danno-unfolding version… but after seeing the latter, I realized the former was so inferior it was an unacceptable option (online is also inferior, to say the least, but it is free!). I was also concerned with the length of time it would take to put one of these together… but by the time I got to Danno’s to halp he was already done. Danno’s many years as a copy shop employee inhaling toner fumes have truly transformed him into the Staplegenius, whose super power is to put together mini-comics at mind-boggling speed. Unfortunately, my super power is that of extreme memory loss… Danno, you remember more about putting this together than I remember about yesterday! These posts are great fun to read.

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