pg 2

pg 2

   …to be continued…

   THOUGHTS ON THE PAGE:  Steve wrote for the top panel to be an extreme “Silver Surfer as seen from under the board”-esque shot–so I kinda blew it.  That was the point at which I realized while this comic was written EXACTLY like a 70’s Kirby comic, it would never LOOK like one, so I didn’t even bother trying.  As for panel two…mmmmmmmmmm! Kirby Krackles!!!  Its what’s for breakfast!

   THE ORIGIN OF “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS”, part 2:  (Part one is on the post for page one)

   So Round Two of the Mini-Comics Dump Truck was about to begin back in early January, Steven Stwalley and I had decided we were going to do a book together, and everything was set! 

   DUMPTRUCK podcasts were Tuesday nights, and the first episode I called in on was one where the “ROUND ONERS” discussed how awesome everyones books were for almost 2 hours, and then there was the briefest of talk about what ROUND TWO would entail.  The general idea for the DUMP TRUCK is that a few ideas are thrown out and each artist is asked to (though not held to) incorporate these ideas into their mini-comic.  And for Round Two MARK RUDOLPH threw out the idea we do it KIRBY style—  MONSTERS! HEROES! VILLIANS! SPLASH PAGES! DOUBLES SPLASH PAGES! Some characters talking…MORE SPLASH PAGES! etc…

   This idea SANG to me.  At the time I was just starting book four of Kirby’s FOURTH WORLD OMNIBUS hardcover collection, and had just found some other 1970’s Kirby comics at a thrift store, so my brain was fixated on Kirby.  This was perfect!

   Steve and I had planned to meet the next night at his house to discuss ideas.  While we were both going to contribute ideas to the book, we had already decided he was going to write and letter it, and I was going to draw it, so this night my big chance to help influence the direction of the book.  And while I didn’t want to just pitch an idea at Steve and have him just write my idea…..The next day at work I wrote up a complete pitch for the book.

    My idea (and don’t steal this cause I might have to use it some day) was called MONSTLORDS.  Basically it was about the Israel/Palestine conflict told with monsters and superpowers….and Israel was the bad guy (just like in real life!).  When we met up that night Steve raised at least three eyebrows when I suggested this, so we decided to start from scratch.  And starting from scratch was the best thing we could ever do!

   Steve had a 2/3rds full long box of nothing BUT Kirby comics.  So we brought that up and spent a couple hours just looking through those…and that was so wonderful.   There is SOOOO much of Kirby’s work that I had never seen before, and that night I saw a TON of it.  Steve even had several doubles of issues, and he gave the extra copies to me.  So awesome.

   So with our brain full of Kirby art and ideas and the hour reaching midnight, we both threw out a couple of Kirby-esque things we wanted to happen in our MINI-COMICS DUMP TRUCK book.  I left the rest totally in Steve’s highly capable hands at that point and went home to (semi-im)patiently wait for several days for a script to be emailed.

    But I didn’t totally leave everything writer-wise in Steve’s hands, for I had come up with a (I think) pretty ingenious layout for the book.  What is that layout like?  You’ll find out tomorrow…


6 Responses to “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–pg 2(of 26)”

  1. 08/11/2009 at 11:23

    *SPOILER ALERT* The layout of the book is awesome. So awesome a manual should have been printed to tell the reader how to digest the book properly and not destroy the comic as they frantically try to get to the next page! My bad Danno…

    • 08/11/2009 at 15:48

      Damn you, Olson!!!
      …but you should have known I was already 3 steps ahead.
      In fact tomorrows post will have such a manual, complete with photos and everything.
      …cause, you know, over the last week I’ve learned people REALLY want to go blogs for photos.
      And ONLY photos.

  2. 08/11/2009 at 21:12

    Thats some pretty Kirby Krackle you got there.

    Also, Sophistasaurus Rex may be the coolest name/character ever.

    Also, check out the Public Domain Superhero wiki. Lots of old Golden Age characters, presumably free to use or abuse:

  3. 08/13/2009 at 09:11

    In retrospect, we should have worked more giant monsters into this story. At least we got some more in on the cover.

    Note that Michael Gilbert’s wonderful Mr. Monster got his start as an abandoned public domain superhero. We should definitely have a public-domain superhero jam… ideally with some stories available for reference material. The Nedor-A-Day blog would be one good resource…


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