PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–the all new comic by Steven Stwalley and myself–cover, credits, and pg 1(of 26)



pg 1

pg 1

     …to be continued… 

     So a little over a year ago I finally joined 2004 and got an ipod, and it wasn’t too long after that before I grew desperately tired of my ipod music library.  BUT WHAT TO DO???  My wife suggested I get some “podcasts” to mix it up.  I knew this word “podcasts”, but thought it (like the ipod only months before had resisted with every fiber of my being) was something I had no interest in.

    Boy was I wrong.

    I was immediatly enthralled to get weekly doses of things I already loved like THIS AMERICAN LIFE and LE SHOW.  I was able to finally get in on shows I had heard great things about like DAN CARLIN’s COMMON SENSE and his HARDCORE HISTORY.  And then my friend RYAN DOW turned me on to the fabulous world of podcasts about making comics.  He suggested I try ART AND STORY, and friends–my life has not been the same since.

    ART AND STORY is the premiere podcast about the thoughts and wonderings behind the art of making comics.  Hearing ART AND STORYs hosts MARK RUDOLPH and JERZY DROZD talk out loud about things I had only previously discussed to myself in my own head was like finding the perfect amalgam between peers and therapists. 

     When I started listening to ART AND STORY they had been at it for about a year (episode 48, I believe), and even though each show runs about 2 hours, I burned through the back catalogue and the new stuff in about 4 weeks.  It was all music to my ears….and still is!  Now even more so since in addition to the regular Wednesday ART AND STORY, there is a live version on Mondays called ART AND STORY ALIVE!.  There is also ART AND STORY EXTREME!!, a 20 minute (or so) show Monday-Thursday show where Mark and Jerzy just talk about whatever is on their minds (comics, movies, environmental armageddon),  and its “extremely” entertaining and easily my favorite of the three shows.

    Anyway…what does all this have to do with the above comic PHENOMENAL TANGENTS?  Well, as I was wrapping up that first month of soaking in everything ART AND STORY had to offer, there was an episode where they interviewed KEVIN CROSS.  Kevin was there to promote his brainchild–THE MINI-COMICS DUMP TRUCK!  The DUMP TRUCK was to be a comic collective where creators across the globe, communicating via the power of a blog and podcast, came together and over the course of 4 months each creator was to do an original mini-comic based a few agreed-upon ideas/suggestions set forth during the first podcast.  They would then communicate podcast-wise every two weeks to update status, share thoughts on the process and on making mini-comics in general.

    Again, this idea (like ART AND STORY) was love at first listen–and I was in luck!  Since the original broadcast of this ART AND STORY episode was a while back, the “first round” of DUMP TRUCK books was almost at an end, and “round two” was about to begin!

    I contacted Kevin immediately and informed him I wanted in, and he was more than happy to have me.  In fact, in a twist of fate, Kevin had posted the Cartoonist Conspiracy’s “HOW TO MAKE A MINI-COMIC” (that I had a hand in creating) on the DUMP TRUCK website when the group started! 

    I also contacted STEVEN STWALLEY about this, since he and I had been discussing the vauge idea of doing a book together, and we now finally had the proper impetus with which to do one…

    There’s 25 more pages to post of PHENOMENAL TANGENTS, so I’ll continue the genesis of PHENOMENAL TANGENTS over the rest of the month. There’ll also hopefully have some co-commentary on the book and pages from Steve, as well as the sad tale of the demise of the MINI-COMICS DUMP TRUCK itself…stay tuned!

3 Responses to “PHENOMENAL TANGENTS–the all new comic by Steven Stwalley and myself–cover, credits, and pg 1(of 26)”

  1. 08/10/2009 at 23:31

    You may think Headulon’s Skycycle is inspired by the Silver Surfer’s surfboard… and you would be wrong! It is actually a homage to the Black Racer’s skis! Especially the frills coming off of the handlebars.

  2. 08/10/2009 at 23:38

    Oh, and the ape is on the cover because it has been repeatedly proven that comics sell better with apes on the cover. This comic is going to make us rich, I tell you! Next issue we will put two apes on the cover! I can smell the money already! Ape covers are better than Amway!

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