scenes from the “BIG FUNNY” opening…

Comics! Cartoonists! The Roe Family Singers! Looks like BIG FUNNY to me!
Comics! Cartoonists! The Roe Family Singers! Looks like BIG FUNNY to me!

   Ok, here we go with the BIG FUNNYopening photos!  My intention was to get a photo of every cartoonist who walked through the door, be they contributors or not, and I, regretfully, failed.  Some people I was sure–SURE!—I had a picture of weren’t there when I paroozed my digital camera today.  A few I won’t put up because upon SOBER reflection, they aren’t the best.  But I tried, consarnit! At least I tried…


Co-winners of the always embarrassing “FIRST TO SHOW UP” award goes to BRIAN BASTIAN and BOB LIPSKI!  Congrats, fellas!


ATHENA CURRIER and ERIK NELSON are hypnotized by the beauty of the LITTLE FUNNYvending machine.  They are now Sleeper Agents.  Their trigger word is “Funyon”.


ERIK NELSON takes in STEPHANIE MANNHEIM’s “NATE THE NON-CONFORMIST” submission while standing suspiciously close to his own.  


The LITTLE FUNNY machine also makes a Sleeper Agent of KRISKE.  His trigger word is “Mint Julip”.


“When ART AND STORY Guests Collide!!!”  DIANA NOCK and RYAN DOW strike a pose.


ROY COOK and CHRIS LYONS move slowly in for a kiss.


Minutes later…Chris’s silent, impassioned facial expression screams: “Please don’t tell BRITT what I was just doing with Roy!”


MIKE SGIERutilizes his impeccable fashion sense in an attempt to class the joint up.  Sadly, cartoonists wearing t-shirts covered in grape jelly and jeans with visible skid marks win the night. 


DAN MURPHY–who STAPLEGENIUS.COM “fans” will recognize as the artist behind PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM–does his best to mask his utter contempt for BIG FUNNY.


Myself and Altered Esthetics Poobah (and fellow BIG FUNNY editor and co-curator) JAMIE SCHUMACHER take but a moment to pose like goons.


Jamie then instructs BIG FUNNY co-curator/editor HILLARY BERG to cut me off from the booze.  Oh, ha-ha-ha!  How we all laugh!…but seriously Hillary, I’m nowhere near drunk…yet….


WILL DINSKI and SARAH MOREAN….I think there’s something going on between these two.


ROY COOK is at it again!  This time he trying his wiley charms on BIG FUNNY co-curator/editor ZANDER CANNON.  Little does Roy realize Zander’s Trigger Word is: “You had me at ‘Hello'”.


Don’t let the festive shirt fool you…MIKE TOFT killed three people with his bare hands that night.


Don’t let that wedding ring stop you…EARL LUCKESinvites one and all to caress his “Love Rug”.


BUD BURGY doesn’t have time for this B.S…


Oh…wait….yes he does!


RAIGHNE AND MAGGIE HOGAN’s Trigger Word was “Comics”.  They never stood a chance…


LUPI and MARK MCGINTYtake a much needed rest after A.Z. takes them on roughly eight hundred and seventy-four laps of Altered Esthetics.


ERIK and his girlfriend CASSANDRA MONSON confirm their status as America’s Cutest Couple.


TERRY BEATTY has been delegated the unfortunate task of having to revoke SEAN LYNCH’s MCAD degree.  Apparently MCAD can’t be known to associate with serial streakers.  


Friend of the blog LISA OSTMAN may be the one mugging for the camera, but it’s DANIEL J OLSON finally provided me with digital photographic proof of his man-crush on me that earns this the “BEST BLACKMAIL PHOTO OF THE NIGHT” award.


Darling of the BIG FUNNY reviews, and legendarily stone-faced, morose cartoonist JESSE GILLESPIE finally shows for once that he too has human emotions.


ROGER LOOTINEisn’t quite sure what he’s so happy about, but he now knows those previous nine and a half hours he spent with the Mormans who came to his front door were TOTALLY worth it!


BILL PRENDERGAST explains to Daniel J Olson’s mother and brother-in-law how easy it is to sucker cartoonists into doing your biding.


DAVID STEINLICHT, swimming in the riches from all the copies of his new collection “CORNERED” that he sold at BIG FUNNY, is now just handing out money to anyone who even makes eye-contact with him.


KEN AVIDOR: Last Known Photo.


SALLY WATSON attempts to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a PRICE IS RIGHT model. Actual retail price for a copy of BIG FUNNY….FIVE DOLLARS!!!


QUILLAN and KURT of the ROE FAMILY SINGERS tune their instruments…


…meanwhile, my wife Nichole confirms rumors that the latest member of the Roes Family, Elspeth, is in fact adorable.


ANDY SINGER may hate cars and Corporate America, but he has an insatiable hunger for digital cameras.


ED MOORMAN knowing smile says “Yeah I’m moving to Chicago. And yeah they have parties this awesome there every night.”  Best wishes to you in Gotham City, Ed!!!


RITA PANTON detects the distinct sound of a jug in the air.  ….but from WHERE?!


Oh DRIVAS…this is a FAMILY blog!!!


Myself and BIG FUNNY co-curator/editor BJORN ROLVAAG just moments before we were viciously beaten by some jocks from the local high school.


Myself and BIG FUNNY co-curator/editor STEVEN STWALLEY just moments before we were viciously beaten by some jocks from the local high school.


As the night winds down, RYAN DOW takes the time to actually read BIG FUNNY.  Oh Ryan…words aren’t for reading!


“Bye” from me and DAN MURPHY!  Be sure to check out our PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM book debuting at FALLCON (complete with an all-new story by us, cover by Dan, and pin-up by me)!


“Bye” from me and DANIEL J OLSON. ….or is it DANIEL J OLSON and me??? I honestly can’t tell us apart.


“Bye” from me and BUD BURGY!  Be sure to check out our graphic novella “CONTINUITY GUY” that Bud is updating a page a week of on his blog.  The completed “CONTINUITY GUY” book will debut July 2010 at Altered Esthetics “RESIDENT ARTISTS: COLLABORATIONS” show.



“Bye” from JAMIE, my family (Nichole, Natasha, and Autumn–the photographer), and myself!

Thanks to Jamie, Kevin, Bjorn, Steve, Hillary, Zander, all the contributing artists, and all our sponsors for making this night and BIG FUNNY itself possible. I am so honored and proud to have a hand–even just a finger– in all this.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

18 Responses to “scenes from the “BIG FUNNY” opening…”

  1. 1 Lewis Tuck
    08/09/2009 at 00:46

    Hey I totally meant to talk to you there, but i had to leave early because i was with my grandma! Sorry!

  2. 08/09/2009 at 09:08

    You really can’t blackmail me if you’ve already exposed the photos. I have nothing left to lose now. Awesome pics though!

  3. 3 Anne Richardson
    08/09/2009 at 10:58

    I don’t know any of those people (except for your fam) and I laughed my butt off at your captions. Looks like a good time. Nice work, Danno!

  4. 08/09/2009 at 21:03

    S**t, I look like death in the first picture.

    I hate my face.

    All whinging vanity aside, a lovely evening, and sorry I weren’t a Newsie, I didn’t plan ahead.



  5. 08/09/2009 at 23:53

    Thanks for the photos, Danno — I feel like I was there!!!!!

  6. 08/10/2009 at 06:59

    So… much… red… eye.

  7. 08/10/2009 at 12:33

    Was the only pic of me one where I look like a troubled loner? Ouch!
    But seriously, great series of shots.

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