“BIG FUNNY” is tonight…”STORY TIME” is tomorrow

     It’s finally here! Tonight! 7pm! ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY (www.alteredesthetics.com)!

     At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy as many copies of BIG FUNNY as you like for only $5 a pop! As Alfred E Newman would say: “CHEAP!”  (You can also buy it online at www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/bigfunny, but the shipping is pretty spendy.)   

    At BIG FUNNY there will be lots of beautiful art on the walls–and lots of it is for sale, perfect for displaying in your own home!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy boxes of LITTLE FUNNY from the AE vending machine for $2!  CHEAPER!!!  And if you don’t know, LITTLE FUNNY is a box that contains 6 randomly inserted ultra-mini-comics.  There are 30+ LITTLE FUNNY comics all together, so if you try buying 5 boxes of LITTLE FUNNY to collect’em all, you’ll probably get doubles–just like packs of baseball cards!!! …We’re such jerks…

     At BIG FUNNY you can buy one (of the only 150 copies) of DAVID STEINLICHT’s (www.allsmall.net) new collection of his Friday comics he does for St Paul’s PIONEER PRESS newspaper.  The collection will run for $15, and is over 260 pages!  Again…CHEAP!!!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to buy booze and eat spaghetti!  CONFUSING! 

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to view vintage videos of newspaper production!

    At BIG FUNNY you will be able to do all this and MORE! 



   And then the next day–SATURDAY–at ROSALUX GALLERY (http://www.rosaluxgallery.com) my friend ALEX KUNO will be premiering a ton of all-new and deliciously creepy paintings as a part of the two-man “STORY TIME” show.  The other man is NICK HOWARD and his pen and ink drawings are equally creepy, but in their own and different way.  

   So Friday have some laughs–BIG FUNNY laughs!–and Saturday its time–STORY TIME!– to get creeped out by art.  I hope to see you at both!

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