“BIG FUNNY” is tomorrow!!!, also: “Pete, the Happy Gravedigger”


     There it is.  That’s what it looks like (on the outside anyway. The inside is full of 40+ amazing, giant comics!).  You can buy it tomorrow (Friday) at the opening at ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY (www.alteredesthetics.com) , or RIGHT NOW online at www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/bigfunny.  

    One more day, one more BIG FUNNY fun fact provided by JAMIE www.purenoumena.org  SCHUMACHER:

     Big Funny arrived to the gallery on two ginormous pallets and copies were hand-loaded by the editors to a super secret location to be stored until the day of the opening. Copies of Big Funny narrowly avert both floods and theft while they wait to be released until tomorrow– Friday, August 7th.


     Here is more more retching ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES strip I wrote and pencilled and DAN MUPRHY (www.murphycommadan.com) inked back in 1992.  This one is “PETE, THE HAPPY GRAVEDIGGER”! ( Don’t worry…I’ll get back to actual, readable, recent comics in a day or two.)




       …and TIPPER GORE never quite recovered from those pointed jabs at her character.  So much so that even when her husband ran for president back  in 2000 she couldn’t even bring herself to leave her house stump for him.  She wasn’t even there when he conceded to Bush.  I did that!–ME!–With my WORDS! 

     Meanwhile back in reality… I have very little positive reaction to this strip. It looks like a fairly untalented and functionally illiterate 16 year-old obsessed with IMAGE Comics drew it or something.

    …Ah well… I still do like the “TREE THAT SPIT ON PEOPLE”, though.


1 Response to ““BIG FUNNY” is tomorrow!!!, also: “Pete, the Happy Gravedigger””

  1. 08/06/2009 at 13:03

    “The tree that spits on people” is pretty ahead of its time. It would get its own Adult Swim cartoon nowadays. Also, nice callback to F.F.G.

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