“BIG FUNNY” is 3 days away!!!, also: “Continuity Guy” and “Falling French Guy”


      BIG FUNNY opens FRIDAY at ALTERED ESTHETICS gallery (www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/bigfunny) .  I’m so proud of BIG FUNNY– as a contributor, as a member of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy, as a Resident Artist at Altered Esthetics, and especially as one of the editors of BIG FUNNY (the one who did the least amount of actual work, by the way. But my patented sass got us all through every meeting in good spirits).

    To celebrate the 3 days countdown, I now present 3 FUN FACTS about BIG FUNNY (thanks to fellow BIG FUNNY editor JAMIE SCHUMACHER–http://www.purenoumena.org/blog/–for these):

1)  BIG FUNNY is 16″ wide by 22-3/4″ tall with an image area of 15″ wide by 21-1/2, just like grandma used to read.

2)  Only 2,000 copies were printed–and will EVER be printed–and only about 1,500 are still available for purchase and the show hasn’t even opened yet!  If you’re out of town and/or can’t make the Friday opening you can buy a BIG FUNNY online RIGHT NOW at www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/bigfunny

3)  Think locally, volunteer globally:  The project was coordinated entirely by volunteers, who have contributed 1,000 hours to the project to date, and BIG FUNNY was printed locally right here in Minnesota.

    See you FRIDAY at ALTERED ESTHETICS (www.alteredesthetics.com) !


    BUD BURGY is still plugging away on the art for our CONTINUITY GUY graphic novella.  A couple new pages are now up at www.budburgy.wordpress.com, and BUD will continue to put up a page or two a week until its done (it is currently 1/6th of the way finished).

    DAN MURPHY(www.murphycommadan.com) who did the wonderful art on PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM (which you can now read in its entirety on this very blog) sent along to me a couple of other pages of comics that we did together back in the early 90’s.  I was very excited because these pages were for our never-published comic “ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES”, and I hadn’t seen them in over 15 years. 

     After opening the ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES attachments I was immediately taken aback at how BAD Dan’s art was–not the beautiful stuff I remembered…..and then I realized I was the reason these pages looked terrible–I had pencilled them, and Dan had only inked(and thereby salvaged) them.  So…here we go…a shameful look back at my 16 year old self’s art….

"FALLING FRENCH GUY" words/pencils by me, inks by DAN MURPHY

"FALLING FRENCH GUY" words/pencils by me, inks by DAN MURPHY

   First off, yes “DAN OCHSENDOF” is me–DANNO KLONOWSKI.  Puberty does crazy things to people.  Now then, the commentary… 

    I  think I did this as a reaction to the fact my Dad had bungee-cord jumped that summer (1992) at the MN State Fair. But as I think about it, I can sense-memory being in my childhood home drawing this…and it seems like I did it BEFORE my Dad jumped.  Maybe I was just psychic.  I also enjoy the fact I referenced RALPH THE CLOWN–a one page comic Dan had done–which had we actually tried to publish ROTTING CARCASS FUNNIES (even as a zine/mini-comic) that RAPLH strip probably wouldn’t have been in it making the call-back even that more obscure.   The closing line is still pretty clever, me thinks.

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