“phil, the evil bean of doom” pg 8 (the end), also: 4 days to “BIG FUNNY”

art by Dan Murphy, words by Danno Klonowski

art by Dan Murphy, words by Danno Klonowski

   The final page of a story by DAN MURPHY(www.murphycommadan.com) and myself that is older than either of my step kids…and just barely younger than the COMBINED ages of my step kids. Damn we’re old.

DAN MURPHY:  How does that demon in the top hat take it off with those horns sticking out? I didn’t really think that out.

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  Yeah, I think “didn’t really think that out” pretty much defines this story.  I know we were in our teens and everything, but looking back(art aside)–what the hell were we thinking with this story???  It starts out as fun little 4 page thing where a cutesy bean takes on the greatest evil ever known in a card game, and then turns into a 4 page ad for a theme park.  What?!  Did we really have nowhere else that could have gone?   Now, I know at the time we thought that our non-linear style of story-telling was the height of comedy, but looking at it through a 15 year old lens I can see it for the crude, slapped-together series of gags it is.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just wouldn’t try and write that today.

    …Speaking of writing a PHIL story today….

    Dan and I had so much fun revisiting this lost relic, we’ve decided to go ahead and do a SEQUEL!  Yes, we’re 15 years older, so we’re going to see if our art and storytelling is truly 15 years wiser. Its all written and my hope is Dan can have it drawn by the beginning of OCTOBER for FALLCON(www.mncba.com), in which case a PHIL book containing a digitally fixed and greytoned version of what you just read, the new story, a pin-up by me, and an all-new cover by Dan will be debuting there and then!  GET EXCITED! 

     Thanks again to DAN MURPHY(www.murphycommadan.com) for allowing me to exploit his amazing artistic talents once again.  Please go check out his website.  And remember– Dan’s available to entertain at your next party and/or social function!

ALSO:  “BIG FUNNY” opens FRIDAY! www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/bigfunny


1 Response to ““phil, the evil bean of doom” pg 8 (the end), also: 4 days to “BIG FUNNY””

  1. 08/04/2009 at 00:22

    Yeah we were highschool kids, we were pretty much doing it to amuse ourselves, didn’t have to think about an audience that much (until now I guess…), it made sense to us then. But its good to recognize progress from past works.

    And thank you for posting it and inviting my commentary, it was like meeting my 16 year old slightly more nerdy and awkward self.

    I did somerough layouts of the new Phil story, gonna start on the pages soon. Just got that Pocket Brush pen today and its working real nice, don’t have to worry about tipping over that bottle of ink!

    I also do balloon animals and cruel cruel caricatures.

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