“phil, the evil bean of doom” pg 7(of 8), also: new logo image

art by Dan Murphy, words by Danno Klonowski

art by Dan Murphy, words by Danno Klonowski

    We’re almost to the end of some high school nostalgia with DAN MURPHY(www.murphycommadan.com) and myself.

DAN MURPHY:  First panel– 3 fingers and a thumb??? Have no idea if that was intentional or what.
DANNO KLONOWSKI:  Yeah, the digit count seems to vary now and then in this story, but I won’t hold it against you. But what amazes me is panel 2 and 3.  I was sure–SURE!–my joke about an old, outdated, long-since-cancelled “news” show that investigated the tiniest flaw in everything would be a worst throw-away joke of the story.  Turns out DATELINE NBC is still around, and even a cursory google search turns up that DATELINE defines itself as: a news program about celebrity, true crime, INVESTIGATE JOURNALISM, and human interest stories.  I am so sad for our country right now.
DAN MURPHY:  Future Land. Classic.
DANNO KLONOWSKI:  That was one of mine!….maybe….I think….maybe not.
DAN MURPHY:  Hitler in Six-Gun Annie, possibly related to Hop-Along Phyllis, some character I had that was a cross-dressing cowboy.
DANNO KLONOWSKI:  That could be where we got it.  I just remember that whole panel–from Six-Gun Adolf to the Manson joke was all you.  Sicko.
    As you can see up top, there is a new staplegenius.com logo image.  It’s was done by DAVID STEINLICHT(www.allsmall.net).  He did it at the MN CENTER FOR BOOK ARTS(www.mnbookarts.org) as a print kinda like a wood block, except done with paper! VERY COOL!
    David–FYI–will be debuting a limited-run collection of his Friday PIONEER PRESS strips on Friday, August 7th at the BIG FUNNY show (www.cartoonistconspiracy.com/bigfunny). YES! A whole ‘nother great reason to stop by ALTERED ESTHETICS on Friday for the BIG FUNNY show. See you there.

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