“phil, the evil bean of doom” pg 1(of 8)

art--Dan Murphy, words--Danno Klonowski

art--Dan Murphy, words--Danno Klonowski

DANNO KLONOWSKI:  As I mentioned in the last post, the PHIL, THE EVIL BEAN OF DOOM story was done while I was done at the end of my senior year, and DAN MURPHY’s(www.murphycommadan.com)  junior year, of high school. And we literally did it IN school.  We were both Mrs. McLean-Keeney’s T.A.’s during 3rd period, except that was her free period and she didn’t need T.A.’s so we basically had free reign of an art room for 50 minutes a day.

DAN MURPHY:  I haven’t seen these in around 15 years, holy crap.

DANNO:  I know, right?! Your art holds up amazing well! Far more than I could say about much that I drew 15 years ago, but then again from the time I met you in 8th grade(when you were in 7th) you were always a gifted artist beyond your years. The writing, however…

DAN:  If I recall correctly, Danno would give me a script or a rough thumbnail layout of the story with the text.

DANNO:  Well, to be fair, we both came up with this story together. I think I can(and will) credit specific jokes. I just wrote it all down. And I did the lettering. I can’t believe my lettering has gotten WORSE over time.

DAN:  These were done on something like 11×17 paper/bristol.

DANNO:  More like 12×18, but whatever.  And BRISTOL?! You wish, buddy! This was done on shitty-ass thick, art room construction paper. This explains: (1) Why they have yellowed so quickly over the years–the indoor smoking habit I had during my 20’s helped–and, (2) as you can see from the bottom right side of the page, this page didn’t survive the last decade and a half intact(which is amazing since it’s been in a zipped-up art folder the entire time).  I really debated fixing that digitally, but thought I should give the full-on experience of what remains.  You wouldn’t put arms an a broken Roman statue, would you?

DAN:  I’m assuming we printed out the title on the art rooms Mac, which was soon to be hooked up to this thing called the “Internet”, and we were all like “What the hell is the internet?”. And here we are, on the internet. Spooky.

DANNO:  Very spooky.  There was also Mac printed credits that went below the title but fell off and was pretty well destroyed.  Aside from having my old last name on it, it also credited us as “PROPAGANDA STUDIOS”.  We were so clever.

 DAN:  We put this up in a year end art show, where it accompanied other students drawings of Bob Marley, and ugly pottery.
DANNO:  It was the SENIOR ART SHOW, and I guess by displaying this I was trying to prove writing is an art(?). 
DAN:   I’m pretty sure I did most of the linework with assorted speedball dip pen nibs, which I still use  a lot. I used a brush on Phil and some of Death’s robe. I would probably sell my soul to Satan in order to ink with a brush as nicely as Floyd Gottfredson’s old Mickey Mousestuff. Used alot of black areas to weight the page and avoid drawing backgrounds.
DANNO:  Well you fooled me on the background thing as a teen. I thought every panel was detailed genius.  I have since learned that trick myself. Yay slothfulness!
DAN:  Thats a really generic bar I drew there. Hands on this page look awful.
DANNO:  I don’t know about “awful” for the hands.  Hitler having 4 fingers and Satan having 5 is kinda weird, though.
DAN: Drawing skulls are always fun. Wow, Hitler looks nothing like Hitler. I must have been too lazy to use a photo ref. He doesn’t even look the same panel to panel actually.
DANNO:  Hitler is like Lincoln–as long as you draw the facial hair right, no one can ever question it.

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