pg 16--THE END!

pg 16--THE END!

   THE END, indeed!  As you can probably imagine, the over-all reaction to this story ending with Fleming not only having a child killed, but doing in her parents as well, didn’t sit quite right with some people.  Not that these actions aren’t in Flemings character, just more the very idea of such things is a bit off-putting for some.  I, however, was quite fine with it.

   The some things happened.

    For one, I had originally planned for MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE to run for eight regular issues(and whatever one-shots I do during that time) and to be done in two years.  This was to be accomplished with a pretty final finale for Fleming.  But as I got to about this half-way point, I had thought up a lot of other stuff I wanted to do with the characters, and ending so soon wouldn’t allow for that. So instead of 8 issues I came up with a pretty good plan for 25 issues, and decided to run with that.

    25 issues is, however, a lot of space to fill with only 3 lead characters(and even more so if one of them doesn’t even talk).  So taking a tip from Joss Whedon who says on an ANGEL commentary that life is a lot easier for a writer when you move from a 3 character show to an ensemble, I started hatching how to add more plausible members to the team(in others words, I don’t wanna force anyone on myself and the readers).  My first thought was to JOAN OF ARCHEOLOGY.  I think in addition to killing off a 10 year old, a lot of people were sad I did her in so quick cause she was such good foil for Fleming.  So with a little logical deduction I think I’ve figured out a pretty good and satisfying way to bring JOAN(and her parents) back into this MANLY world.  So look for their return….eventually. 

    In the meantime, stick with me.  I have some awesome stuff coming up while I continue on this greytoning hiatus, and will be back to some MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE real soon.


1 Response to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue three–pg 16(THE END!)”

  1. 07/20/2009 at 22:11

    I like the greytoning, it really makes things pop (or soda).

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