MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue three–pg 14(of 16), also: Me at Zinefest…?

pg 14

pg 14

    …To Be Continued…

    As promised I’m on the drawing horse currently.  Just finished my work on FALSE WITNESS issue 2(and remember, you can still buy issue 1 at www.biasedliberalmedia.com), and am now pencilling TOMMY CHICAGO #3(written by Brian Bastian, www.tommychicago.com). I’m drawing it at a smaller than usual size(about 7″x11″, I usually do 11″x17″) to get it done sooner, and it’s a fun and interesting challenge. So I hope to get thru that by the end of August(if not sooner) and then will pencil MANLY TALES #7 and  ink MANLY TALES #6(it’s already pencilled).  Yay, creativity!

***Also, SARAH MOREAN did a quasi wrap-up of ZINEFEST on THE DAILY CROSSHATCH, but really it’s more about tips on how to throw a good con(which from an exhibitors standpoint she knows how to do, no doubt). It’s a nice article with lots of great points, and if you squint REALLY HARD at the second picture you can kinda make me out behind Ryan Dow’s Buddha stand-up. http://thedailycrosshatch.com/2009/07/17/zinefest-the-only-good-party-i-ever-threw/#more-4182

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