MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue three–pg 3(of 16), also: HG Wells predicted “Fleming Hazmat”

pg 3

pg 3

   …To Be Continued…

   “WHY IS HE ALWAYS CRYING” basically sums up my first couple years of trying to figure out kids and how to be a stepdad. Fortunately the kids grew out that “crying over everything and nothing” phase.  Now they are pre/teens, so I know when the random crying  jags start its because they are crazy.

*** Also:  My friends ZANDER and KEVIN CANNON (No relation, but they share a blog all the same. www.bigtimeattic.com/blog) have done a few wonderful science/history-based graphic novels with writer JIM OTTAVIANI(http://www.gt-labs.com/blog/), including the recent T-MINUS (which you can buy, along with all of Jim’s other books, at http://www.gt-labs.com/). Anyway,  I am currently reading  Jim’s book from 2001 called “FALLOUT” which is about the unholy alliance of science and government which resulted in the atomic bomb. I was just getting started and enjoying it quite a bit when I was shocked–SHOCKED!–by the revelation that my MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE main character FLEMING HAZMAT not only appeared in a comic FIVE YEARS before I created him, but Fleming was in fact PREDICTED in 1914 by H.G WELLS himself!!!  And so, I present the first ever appearance of FLEMING HAZMAT–from pg 36 of “FALLOUT”(art by Chris Kemple) (c) Jim Ottaviani:

Please don't sue me, Jim.

Please don't sue me, Jim.

*** Finally, didja know ZINEFEST is still going to be happening this weekend??? Did you know I was still planning on being there??? If you answered “NO” to either of those questions, or just want a refresher on the hows, whys, and whats of ZINEFEST check out either http://zinefest.org or https://staplegenius.wordpress.com/2009/07/05/misc-zinefest-is-this-weekendjuly-11th-and-12th/ . See you there.

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