MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue three–pg 2(of 16)

pg 2

pg 2

  …To Be Continued…

    Flemings parents are fun to draw and write for, but after my realization about what a subliminal rip-off issue three is of LAST CRUSADE, I don’t know that I’ll bring them back in any large capacity again(though both their deaths are shown/referenced in MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6, which is in production right now). But we’ll see. It’s always fun writing vengeful, hate-filled bickering. A FUN FACT about Phineus and Elanore Hazmat:  They are based on cloth cut-outs of “old-timey” people who at some point were made and glued to plates. These plates eventually fell out of favor with whoever made them(or the person they were gifted to) and found their way into the Unique Thrift Store(2201 37th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN55421), and from there into my wife’s hands. “Phineus” and “Elanore” now rest comfortably on a classy old rack and hang in my dining room.

    REMINDER:     ZINEFEST(http://zinefest.org) is this weekend (sat 11-5, sun 11-4). I’ll be there, along with many of my comic-making friends(DANIEL J OLSON, RYAN DOW, MIKE TOFT, SARAH MOREAN, and MORE!!!). For more on Zinefest click on either the above link, or see my post from Sunday about it. Hope to see you there.


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