MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–the SUPER FANTASTICA short–pg 2(of4), Also: ‘Continuity Guy’ pg2, and a great FALSE WITNESS review

pg 2

pg 2

        To Be Continued….

***Yep, take it from a Minnesotan, winter and snow suck.

       Oh, and MANLY TALES just got it’s first pull-quote–direct from The Comics Journal board:

       “Fleming Hazmat: Worlds Most Dangerous Spaceman”

        I like it!

*** The second page of the CONTINUITY GUY story I wrote and BUD BURGY is drawing is now up at Bud’s site: www.bugburgy.wordpress.com and it looks great. Man I love watching this thing come to life. Strong work, Bud.

***FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY comic I’m working on has been getting some reviews on the ol’ internet, most of which have been positive, but can’t really see beyond “LOOK! A COMIC! ABOUT MICHELE BACHMANN! THATS CRAZY COOL!”  Well  yesterday POLITICS IN MINNESOTA did a review that really “gets it” (http://tinyurl.com/politicsmn-BachmannComic). They get that this Bachmann biography is a comic because Bachmann is a comic come to life, and the bizarre way she sees the world seems to work best by the combination of her words and images. And, most saddening, this biography is a comic because the actual media(TV, papers) haven’t been doing their jobs for years, and its up to bloggers and self-publishers to do the work for them.  So…thanks POLITICS IN  MINNESOTA!    Also, if you want to read some of the other reviews as well as Bill and Lupi’s 4 page preview they did for the CITY PAGES go to: http://www.immelman.us/news/bachmann-false-witness-released/ .   AAAANNNNDDDD you can always order a copy of FALSE WITNESS for yourself by going to www.biasedliberalmedia.com

     Thats all for today. Back tomorrow with page 3 and the “origin” of this story–REVEALED!

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