DAN MURPHY (http://murphycommadan.com/) is the first best artist I ever met.

      Dan and I met at Northdale Junior High(I was in 8th grade and Dan was in 7th) and we immediately hit it off. Yes, there were some other kids who read and drew comics back then, but Dan and I had such a similar sense of humor and similar ideas on what kind of comics we wanted to make.  This was 1991 or so when McFarlane and like were huge. And yes, while we both stupidly plunked down our money to buy 2 copies of everything(one to read, one to save for when it could be traded for gold bars), neither of us was too terribly interested in making those kind of comics. We were weird, and we wanted to make weird comics. Oh sure, we did some superhero stuff, but it was always parody super-hero stuff. It was always in the name of humor, and as we got older it just got stranger.

     Dan was SOOOOOOOOO far ahead of me as an artist (even in junior high. Probably within minutes of being born) that the way we did things to best highlight our talents was like this: I’d pitch Dan an idea(or he’d throw an idea at me), we’d break the story together, I’d write it, he’d draw it and make it awesome in a way I never could have, and then when I’d draw my own stuff Dan would politely pat me on the back(but he knew…he knew…).

   We did all sorts of stuff together. A BARTMAN comic that violated all manner of copyrights and angered school officials(a story for another time), a Ninja Turtles parody featuring slugs, a bizarre character called CHARLIE CHICKENBONEHEAD(whose appearance matched his name), and one summer we even did a crossover event that took aim at those kids in our junior high who wanted to be Todd McFarlane called “THE ATTACK OF THE FAT, OVERWEIGHT TRACERS”.  In fact, the “tent pole” series I did back then was called “MAN-MAN”, and Dan was kind enough to work old Manny into the ATLANTIS LAD pin-up above.

    The last collaboration Dan and I did together was in high school during my senior year. It was classic us: we developed the story together, I wrote it, Dan drew it, and it’s one of the weirder things I’ve ever been part of.  It’s a story of a bean who beats Hitler, Death, and the Devil in a poker game and wins the lease to Hell, which the bean promptly turns into a death/murder/torture family theme park.  The best part was is that it got to hang up in the school for a week for the Senior Art Show, and was viewed by nearly every student(AND even their parents one magical, magical night). 

     The best part is I still have that story. In fact I have a TON of the stuff Dan and I did together in those years, and since I’ve foolishly endeavored to post something here everyday I’m 100% sure it’ll all find its way up here one day soon.

    As for the present, Dan is still an amazing illustrator and painter who has done work for such publications as the recently defunct RAKE magazine, and who I hope will continue to do amazing commercial and gallery work for people smart enough to recognize his genius. Again, to recognize his genius for yourself go to: http://murphycommadan.com/

   Thanks again, Dan!

7 Responses to “MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue two–pin-ups–DAN MURPHY”

  1. 06/22/2009 at 09:35


  2. 06/23/2009 at 00:20

    Are you saying all those 2nd copies aint worth squat. Might as well unseal the vault…
    Do post the Phil the Evil Bean and any Fat Overweight Tracers, or whatever you gots. It’d be cool to see them again. Did Charlie Chickenbonehead even make it to any strips or just random drawings, can’t even remember. I came across the pages for Rotting Carcass Funnies, I can scan those and send them to you if you want or don’t already have, I think it has your Pete the Happy Gravedigger, and some of my No-Head Boy pages…weird stuff, wish I could blame it on drugs or something, but will just blame the early 90’s instead. Back in Jr. High when I met you I was damn impressed you were doing whole big issues of Man-Man, when I barely had the attention span to do 3 consecutive pages.

    • 06/23/2009 at 09:51

      YES! Totally scan and send anything you have! I will expose our childhood sickness to the world.
      And I think we did SOME stuff with CHARLIE CHICKENBONEHEAD. I know I have something with him…I’ll have to look into that.
      Also, I think we should sue the person who writes those Harry Potter rip-off books CHARLIE BONE for all they’re worth.

  3. 06/23/2009 at 12:15

    I’ll get to scanning what I can find. Yeah when I first saw those Charlie Bone books I was all “Hey wait a second, GRRRRRR!”

  4. 06/24/2009 at 19:55

    This story has too many Dans in it. And none of them are me.

    What up, Murphy?

    • 06/25/2009 at 09:26

      If its any consolation Nord, I seriously debated mentioning that in high school we 3 Dans all shared a locker but figured that extranious piece of info would have just been confusing. I hope todays post(Thursday, June 25th)makes it up to you.

  5. 06/26/2009 at 23:12

    Hey-o Nord,
    I remember being referred to as one of “The Dans”.

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