pg 15--THE END

pg 15--THE END

     And the third thrilling MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE adventure draws to a close.

    Up Next: The guest artist pin-ups for issue two, followed by a MANLY TALES 4-pager where the team hunts in the North Pole for Santa’s Workshop!

     I was really happy how this Atlantis Lad origin turned out. It really set me on the path for what MANLY TALES could be and got me pumped to do more. In fact, I cranked out 2 more issues(on top of a lot of other things) before that year(2007) was done.

    I especially love the ROVEBOT. That was one of my early ideas for the series, but I eventually decided trying to base an entire issue around a villian who is political in nature and would be probably sort of irrelevent in a few years was a bad idea. So I think using ROVEBOT as an in and out gag was the best way to go. 

   And don’t forget, you can order a copy of the first issue of the FALSE WITNESS: THE MICHELE BACHMANN STORY limited series at www.biasedliberalmedia.com.  FALSE WITNESS is a series documenting the political career of loony MN Congressperson Michele Bachmann in HER OWN WORDS!  FALSE WITNESS is written and pencilled by Bill Prendergast, with finishes by Lupi, Daniel J Olson, and myself.  It also features a great cover by Ken Avidor. Buy one (or MORE!) today.

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