pg 7

pg 7

    …To Be Continued…

    Ummm, not much to say here about when I was originally drawing this, other than I like the angled layout. I should do that kinda thing more.  As for the present, coloring in all that water really sucked. I made such a crosshatchy mess in there to make it come across as ‘watery’ in black and white. If I knew I was going to be greytoning on a computer I would have done less of that. However, on future issues my style continues getting more refined, so things like pages and pages of crosshatched water won’t be a problem anymore. 

   Also, this isn’t the first time he has said it, but “BY THE EYES OF XERXES!” is one of Flemings 3 catchwords/phrases. The other two being “GAH!” and “JUDAS’ ROBE!” I try to work in all three in every issue/story, but “BY THE EYES OF XERXES!” is my clear favorite.  Xerxes, if you didn’t know, is an ancient Persian king who was named after a crosstown avenue here in Minneapolis.

    Speaking of catchphrases, me and one of my stepkids saw “MONSTERS AND ALIENS” the other day (don’t bother), and one of the characters (a scientist) had the catchphrase “BY HAWKING’S CHAIR!”. I wasn’t sure if it was clever or if I should just be offended. The movie on the whole was pretty offensive to my sensibilites, so I guess I’ll just go on record as saying the time it took the character to say that line was probably about the only 1.5 seconds of the film I enjoyed.


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