MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue two–pg 4, a contest, and art shows you should attend tonight/this month

pg 4

pg 4

    …To Be Continued…

    A CONTEST!!!  —  Ok, not counting the 2 obscured pictures (one behind Fleming, one behind a word balloon) there are 14 items visible in Fleming’s artifact chamber.  The first person to correctly identify all 14 will WIN the ORIGINAL ART from this page, AND you’ll be featured as a character in the upcoming MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE #6 (due sometime this year).  The contest will run until JULY 1st.  If no one gets all the 14, the person with the most correct guesses wins.  So post your guesses on the comment section (I will delete your message as soon as I read it so no one else can profit from all your hard work).


    ART OPENINGS/SHOW!!!  —  Both of these open tonight and run during June/July. Go see’em!:

  1)  ALEX KUNO’s “SPRINGTIME FOLLIES” 6-9 p.m. today, free. Soo Visual Arts Center, 2640 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls. Ends July 26, free.    612-871-2263  http://www.soovac.org/ps_09_alexkuno.php

the person with the most amount will win. In the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped.     Send your guesses to:    danno    at    staplegenius   dot    com

  2) ALTERED ESTHETICS “BIKE ART IV”  7-10pm. today, free.  1224 Quincy St NE, Mpls. Runs thru June, free.  612.378.8888     http://www.alteredesthetics.com/


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