MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pin ups–Sean Tenhoff

by: dank and Tenhoff

by: dank and Tenhoff

     The second pin-up for issue one (which was the back cover) was actually pencilled and inked by me for my friend Sean Tenhoff, and his now defunct (but still up online and awesome) webcomic THE BEAN MEN (www.thebeanmen.com).  Sean then used his magical brush tp Tenhoff-up the inks a bit.

    This pin-up was drawn at FALLCON 2006 (www.mncba.com) when THE BEAN MEN was in its prime and MANLY TALES was just a shameful, SHAMEFUL 24 Hour Day comic that I had just done the week before and was planning to turn into the semi-shameful comic–issue one–you just read.

  Thanks Sean.

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