MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pgs 23 and 24(the end)


pg 23

pg 23

pg 24 (end)

pg 24 (end)


   THE END of issue one!
    So these last couple of pages are about 2 things:
1) A really, really good look at the kind of person Fleming is–both in what he’ll do to win/succeed, and how he feels about anyone and anything that’s not him or his wants/needs.
2) My friends. Can you find yourself of page 23? I knew you could. Also, Tom Dunnwald is a real person(and friend) who really did want to create a “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” hotdish for the local HOTDISH REVOLUTION contest. While he never did figure out how to make an island, ocean, palm tree, castaway, and sharks with hotdish, he did manage to do it with carrots and jello and this actually started a jello concoction side-contest at the REVOLUTION. It even made the local paper. Way to go, Tom!
     Theres a couple more easter eggs for issue one I’ll post this weekend, otherwise we begin the next adventure of Fleming, Betsy, and Atlantis Lad–issue TWO–next week!

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