MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pgs 18 and 19


pg 18

pg 18

pg 19

pg 19

   …To Be Continued…

    Wow…what a difference a several month break makes.

    You may have noticed on panel 3 of page 17 yesterday that Fleming took on a marked change in his appearance–from a sloppy, choppy mutant looking thing to a streamlined cartoony looking character.  And I couldn’t be happier. Yes, aside from the horrific lettering which I had sadly done before I started inking the story the first time, I’m actually having to clean up very little on these pages–Yay!  Saving time!–and I think if I had done these last 7 pages in the original “Who Gives A Crap” style I did the first  17, the panels I’ve really grown to love (The DaVinci Audiobook, blasting off from England, the UN) would be as useless and ugly as most of the panels which preceded them.

    There was actually a pretty healthy (and often hilarious) debate on the most recent episode (#67) of ART AND STORY: ALIVE! that I think MANLY TALES issue one is the missing link of for both sides of the argument (check it out at: http://www.cvcomics.com/artandstory/?page_id=66).

    The debate was basically this: Should you keep cranking out crap (like the first 17 pages) for public consumption, or should you wait until you’ve improved your style/technique/etc enough (like the last 7 pages) before you start making comics? And if you wait to accomplish the technical side will you actually be print-ready if you haven’t been doing actual comics and getting any feedback?   (That’s more or less the jist. There’s more to it–including how to make a baby jesus cry–so listen for yourself.)

   Well, with issue one here I was clearly cranking out crap that was NOT fit for human eyes to gaze upon. The hours and HOURS  I have spent in the last week and a half fixing my many mistakes (and there are MANY more I just got too frustrated/bored to fix) proves that. If I had finished issue one in Fall fo 2006 I don’t know that I would have ever printed it. And if I had, I probably wouldn’t have done more (and kept getting better) cause I really detested those first 17 pages. But after a took a several month break and finished the back 7 in May of 2007 I felt despite all the opening pages weaknesses, the art of those closing pages (along with the ending I had finally cooked up) had “saved” the story.

     Had it saved it enough that I SHOULD have printed it?          No.

     Should I have completely redone the first 17 pages?              Yes.

     I know this now (as I knew it then). But I also knew to redo almost all of issue one would have probably also killed the momentum for issue two.  And issue two is where I was going to start applying everything I has learned….but that’ll have to wait until next Monday. We still gotta wrap this one up…


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