MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pgs 16 and 17



pg 16

pg 16

pg 17

pg 17

    …To Be Continued…

    Two things:

   1) “Holy Leroy Brown!””–Hadn’t quite found Flemings catch phrase yet…

    2) BRITISHWORTH– Sir Leigh Britishworth was once meant to be nothing but a one-time joke, just a cheap parody of the Sir Lee from THE DAVINCI CODE.  But something about his “Old Bean” attitude and general cuteness really caught peoples attention. He was actually probably the most complimented part of this story after I first released it mini-comic form. When Brian Bastian wrote issue four, he  brought Britishworth back–something I had never planned. Thanks to Brian, Britishworth has now wormed his way into the MANLY TALES mythos as a major adversary. Thats show business, I guess.


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