MANLY TALES OF COWARDICE–issue one–pgs 8 and 9



pg 8

pg 8

pg 9

pg 9

     …To Be Continued…

      I really spoiled myself on the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2007 story I posted last week. I had pencilled and inked it with CARE and THOUGHT. I at least kind if TRIED on the lettering.  But this damned ISSUE ONE…no such luck.

     In the first post I mentioned my intention for this comic was to work fast and carefree, which I did, but I just can’t believe that  I expected anyone to actually be able to look at and read it. It’s terrible. I am having to do so much touching-up digitally on this–probably twice as long as the FCBD2007 pages, if not a little longer. I’m having to almost re-draw te Fleming heads I had already re-drawn. I am spending as much time fixing the lettering as I am coloring. It’s maddening.

    You can rest easy though–we’re over halfway to the pages where I started over on ISSUE ONE, so at least the picture-fixin’ will probably come to an end. But that damned lettering….


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